• Duration : 3 month
  • Class : 36

Graphic design

As the demand for visual content has increased, marketers are now turning to graphical content. Hence the demand for graphic designers across the world is skyrocketing. A survey shows that even a small company can spend up to $500 for a good logo. Do you love to do design work? Then our Graphics Design Course with updated modules with skilled instructor is for you.

Course Overview

Being a successful graphic designer requires quality curriculum training as well as project-based work experience and a good understanding of the marketplace. So all these are included together in our course module. From the graphic design course you will learn to design any advertisement, banner, t-shirt design, product using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.Moreover, you get the opportunity to use modern lab for project based work. By completing the course this way, you will have practical work experience, which will help you to achieve quick success in the marketplace.

So why the delay? Choose Creative IT Institute's Professional Graphics Design Course today to enroll in a certified course in graphic design.

Course Curriculum


o    Professional Presentation

o    Raster To Vector

o    Invoice Template Design

o    Letterhead Design

o    Brochure Layout

o    Logo Design

o    Desk & Wall Calendar Design

o    Product Packaging

o    Certificate Template Design

o    T-Shirt Design

o    Resume & Cover Letter Design

o    Landscape Design

o    Image Clipping

o    Neck Joint

o    Banner / Poster Design

o    Magazine Design

o    Web Banner Design

o    Web UI Design

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