• Duration : 3 month
  • Class : 36

Website Development

Web development is one of the highest paying professions. A Web Developer in Bangladesh earns about 2-3 lakhs or more on an average. This sector is also very demanding for outsourcing or freelancing. If you have passion for programming, then you can make a great career by doing Web Development Course.

Course overview

Web development is the process of making the information stored on the web server as a website through the Internet and making it usable. So as long as there are websites, there will be demand for web development. That is why the scope of work of web developers is increasing day by day.

That is why our course is designed with updated modules. Everything from basic SQL to building professional skills is covered here. By doing practical projects you can learn fast and build a smart portfolio during the course. And if you complete the course properly, you will get the course completion certificate. So start your Web Development Career with Creative IT Institute's modern and world class modules and experienced trainers.

Course Curriculum

  • Concept Of Static & Dynamic Website
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP) PHP
  • Admin Panel Integration
  • Ajax
  • Row PHP Coding
  • Dynamic Website Development
  • Laravel PHP Framework
  • Payment Gateway

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