• Duration : 3 month
  • Class : 36

App Development with Kotlin

As the demand for mobiles increases across the world, the importance of apps is increasing in parallel. Along with that, the work of app development has also increased a lot. Do you want to create a new app? So why the delay! Build your Android App Development Career with skilled mentors and updated software.

Course overview

App development is the process of creating applications for use on mobile devices. Among the careers that are in demand in the new era, Android app development tops the list. That's why our course is designed in such a way that you can learn app development with us from scratch. Here you will get a good idea about components with packages from elementary language. Moreover, before completing the project based Android App Development Course, students will have a good portfolio. So you can get a good start in your career quickly. So if you have a unique app idea, then you can easily create a good Android app by taking this course.

Course Curriculum

o    Introduction To Kotlin Programming

o    Language Fundamentals

o    Core Collection Classes

o    Packages

o    Exception Handling

o    Android Components

o    Content Providers & Location Services

o    Multimedia & Deployment

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