• Duration : 3 month
  • Class : 36

Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is now the trending topic in the technology dependent world. From daily necessities to cars and houses, most people now turn to the internet to buy anything. According to Google, about 87 percent of people search Amazon or Google before buying anything. So to get business success or learn online marketing enroll in digital marketing course.

Course Overview 

To be an efficient digital marketer you need to be well versed in digital platforms. And for that, everything you need to know is in our course. From basic keyword research (Keywords Research) and competitor analysis (Competitor Analysis) to SEO (SEO), Social Media Marketing (Social Media Marketing), Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing) details are all there in our digital marketing course. Nowadays there are numerous e-commerce sites on the internet. It is necessary to know the right technique to get search engine rank like various service pages. That is why e-commerce SEO (eCommerce SEO) and Service Page SEO (Service Page SEO) are included in our course. So our Digital Marketing Course can be your best choice to develop skills in online marketing techniques.

Course Curriculum

·         Niche Selection

·         Keyword Research (AdSense, Affiliate, Service)

·         Competitor Analysis & Website Audit

·         On-Site Optimization

·         On-Page Optimization

·         Article Writing Strategy

·         Google Webmaster Tool & Analytics

·         Off-Page SEO

·         Facebook Advanced Audience Targeting

·         Facebook Ads Quality Maintenance

·         Facebook Paid Campaign

·         Facebook Pixel & Retargeting

·         YouTube Competitor Analysis

·         YouTube Channel & Video Optimization

·         YouTube Monetization

·         LinkedIn Marketing

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